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Lebanon Hanover 
"Hall of Ice" {Official Video}

Director / Writer / Art Direction: DIEGO BARRERA

Assistant Director: Julieta Triangular
Featuring: Camilo Acosta, Camilo Arévalo, Michel Beauvais
Film Editing: Adria Ghiralt
Fabrika Records




“This video is presented as a confrontation, criticizing how the signified of the symbology of the religious images have been manipulated by the human, serving to indoctrinate us into accepting corrupted values of a society equally rotten, employing blame (pointing to each other), ideological superiority, in which “sin” is not understood as a principle of perfection {as explained by Oscar Wilde while in prison).  

On the other hand, this video is also an ode to cultural universality as a principle of tolerance, an ode to the connection with femininity and eroticism, mystical libertinism, to Rebis {The Hermetic Androgyne}.  

Catharsis (removal of thorns), build revolutionary mechanisms by means of opening the mind {and the anus} and fighting against social conditioning.

The Hermaphrodite, the union of opposites, the feminine and masculine (in connection with life and death) present in indigenous societies in Latin and North America from a sacred, divine approach. The alleged "discovery" of America must be understood today like a recoil in the understanding of the human being on its duality and the search for an unity of the forces in each of us, imposing a speech which is not of these lands, imposing the blindness of a masculinized God, imposing a non liberating transvestism, dressing of morality and repression, imposing the unique models of understanding of a biological gender.  

The unity that the old gods speak {understanding them as representations of nature} has been stealthily exchanged by the putrefaction of the new god money.”





  • { Exhibición de la obra completa de mi productora Celestial Twins, en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín } Medellín/Colombia.

  • { Sección Oficial en el "Seattle True Independent Film Festival” llevado a cabo en el Grand Illusion Cinema } Seattle/EEUU.

  • { Sección Oficial en el "Chicago International Movies & Music Festival” llevado a cabo en Society For Arts } Chicago/EEUU.

  • { Sección Oficial en el “Haxan Film Festival” llevado a cabo en LoBot Gallery } Oakland/EEUU.   

  • { Exhibición en la “Muestra Internacional de cine de Trelew” } Trelew/Argentina.      

  • { Exhibición en “CINETORO Film Festival”, llevado a cabo en el Colegio JJ } Toro (Valle del Cauca)/Colombia.

  • { Retrospectiva de todos mis videoclips hasta la fecha en la galería “Fabrika 126” } Sofía/Bulgaria. 

  • { Exhibición de toda la filmografia en “Cosmic Unity” new shamanism and spirituality, experimental art and feminist videoart, llevado a cabo en Tarot Society, Park Church Co-op } New York/EEUU.    

  • { Exhibición de toda la filmografía en Planned Parenhood monthly benefit show, Park Church Co-op } New York/EEUU.   

  • { Exhibición en: Multimedia performance: Lunch Poems, Hunter East Gallery } New York, EEUU.   

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