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Xiu Xiu  
"A Knife in the Sun" {Official Video}

Director / Writer / Art Direction: DIEGO BARRERA

Featuring: Michel Beauvais, Mappo Klampaiboon
Costume Design: Michel Beauvais
Film Editing: Diego Barrera, Julieta Triangular  
Noh Mask by: Antonia Ruiz--Tagle
Makeup: Amanda Sommer
Bella Union Records / Polyvinyl Records




“My videos have multiple interpretations, this is just one of these:


I present two journeys, from darkness to the light of sea (from masculinity to eternal femininity), and the awns of a patriarchal society (The Religion, The Clinic and The Armed Forces), in their path to (masculinization) self-destruction.

The Alchemical Androgyne (the Hermaphrodite / Rebis), ever present character in my videos, embodies my search in the androgynization rites, in this case a rite performed by indigenous tribes where a man makes a cut in his crotch as a symbol
to inhabit in a woman body, to live in the middle of two imposed sexes. A symbolic castration that I present as an invitation to “man” to reflect about his femininity.  

The other character is basically my way of using the right of rebellion through art, to criticize religion which seek to control the souls, current clinic aims to control the body (based not on health but disease) and The Armed Forces as the top of a pyramid that ends up collapsed.

Videos featuring a struggle, feminism understood as a struggle, whatever the fight against laws (which have been created by men) is a feminist struggle.”





  • { Publicación y estreno en diarios y revistas de diferentes países como el (España), Pijama Surf (México), the 405 (UK), Reality Sandwich (EEUU), Tiny Mixtapes (EEUU), Electronic Beats (EEUU), entre otras }

  • { Exhibición en Fourth under the subway video art night, llevado a cabo en la galería Local Project Art Space y The Local NYC } New York/EEUU.     

  • { Sección oficial en el Festival Internacional de Video Experimental “Proceso Error”, llevado a cabo en la Universidad de Valparaíso } Valparaíso/Chile.   

  • { Retrospectiva de todos mis videoclips hasta la fecha en la galería “Fabrika 126” } Sofía/Bulgaria.  

  • { Sección oficial en el “Festival de cine experimental de Bogotá”, llevado a cabo en la Universidad Central } Bogotá/Colombia.

  • { Exhibición en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín } Medellín/Colombia. 

  • { Transmitido en el Canal ARTV } Chile.  

  • { Exhibición como parte de la muestra internacional Mujeres, Subversión en la imagen experimental en movimiento, Festival de Cine Experimental CineAutopsia, llevado a cabo en el complejo carcelario La Picota } Bogotá/Colombia. 

  • { Exhibición de toda la filmografia en “Cosmic Unity” new shamanism and spirituality, experimental art and feminist videoart, llevado a cabo en Tarot Society, Park Church Co-op } New York/EEUU.    

  • { Exhibición de toda la filmografía en Planned Parenhood monthly benefit show, Park Church Co-op } New York/EEUU.    

  • { Imágenes del videoclip como parte de RUB en LA Art book fair, Printed Matter, llevado a cabo en el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de los Angeles MOCA } Los Angeles, EEUU.


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